International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 1 • Number 1 • 2011

Instructional Articles

ePerformance: Crafting, Rehearsing, and Presenting the ePortfolio Persona
         Kimberly Ramírez, LaGuardia Community College
pp. 1-9

Fostering Integrative Knowledge Through ePortfolios
         Melissa Peet, University of Michigan
         Steven Lonn, University of Michigan
         Patricia Gurin, University of Michigan
         K. Page Boyer, University of Michigan
         Malinda Matney, University of Michigan
         Tiffany Marra, University of Michigan
         Simone Himbeault Taylor, University of Michigan
         Andrea Daley, University of Michigan

pp. 11-31

The Transformative Role of ePortfolios: Feedback in Healthcare Learning
         Susi Peacock, Queen Margaret University
         Sue Murray, Queen Margaret University
         Jacquie Kelly, JISC InfoNet
         Alison Scott, Queen Margaret University

pp. 33-48

Promoting Self-regulation and Critical Reflection Through Writing Students' Use of Electronic Portfolio
         Jill D. Jenson, University of Minnesota, Duluth
pp. 49-60

Assessment Articles

Remake / Remodel: Using ePortfolios and a System of Gates to Improve Student Assessment and Program Evaluation
         Patrick Lowenthal, University of Colorado Denver
         John White, University of North Florida
         Karen Cooley, Regis University
pp. 61-70

Growing a New Culture of Assessment: Planting ePortfolios in the Metro Academies Program
         Alycia Shada, San Francisco State University and City College of
                  San Francisco
         Kevin Kelly, San Francisco State University and City College of San
         Ruth Cox, San Francisco State University and City College of San
         Savita Malik, San Francisco State University and City College of San
pp. 71-83

Technology, Policy, and Management Article

The Bottomless File Box: Electronic Portfolios for Learning and Evaluation Purposes
         Shannon Jarrott, Virginia Tech
         Laura Eubanks Gambrel, Virginia Tech
pp. 85-94

Professional Development Article

Perceptions Regarding the Efficacy and Use of Professional Portfolios in the Employment of Teachers
         Jerry Whitworth, Texas Woman's University
         Thomas Deering, Augusta State University
         Samuel Hardy, Augusta State University
         Steven Jones, Missouri State University
pp. 95-106


Situated Learning: A Theoretical Frame to Guide Transformational Change Using Electronic Portfolio Technology
         Trent Batson, The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and
                  Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL)
pp. 107-114

Book Review

From Personal to Social and Back Again: A Review of Darren Cambridge's Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment
         Wayne Hall, University of Cincinnati
pp. 115-117





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