International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 4 • Number 1 • 2014

Special Issue

Defining Practice and a Research Agenda:  Selections from AAC&U’s Fifth Annual E-Portfolio Forum

Published jointly by IJeP and the Association of American Colleges and Universities

Guest Editors: Wende Garrison, Terrel Rhodes, and C. Edward Watson

Introduction to the Special Issue

Editorial: A Call for More Rigorous ePortfolio Research
         Terrel Rhodes, AAC&U
         Helen L. Chen, Stanford University
         C. Edward Watson, University of Georgia
         Wende Garrison, Portland State University
pp. 1-5
Instructional Articles

ePortfolios and Audience: Teaching a Critical Twenty-First Century Skill
         Chris Gallagher, Northeastern University
         Laurie Poklop, Northeastern University

pp. 7-20

Unlocking ePortfolio Practice: Teaching Beliefs
         Jean M. Henscheid, University of Idaho
         Gary Brown, AAC&U and AAEEBL
         Aifang Gordon, Portland State University
         Helen L. Chen, Stanford University
pp. 21-48
Assessment Articles

Using an ePortfolio to Assess the Outcomes of a First-Year Seminar: Student Narrative and Authentic Assessment
         Catherine Buyarksi, IUPUI
         Cynthia Landis, Indiana University
pp. 49-60

A Framework for General Education Assessment: Assessing Information Literacy and Quantitative Literacy with ePortfolios
         David A Hubert, Salt Lake Community College
         Kati J. Lewis, Salt Lake Community College
pp. 61-71

ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change in Teaching: An Autoethnographic Examination of Transformation
         Alison S. Carson, Manhattanville College
         Sherie McClam, Manhattanville College
         Jim Frank, Manhattanville College
         Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Manhattanville College

pp. 73-83
Identity Development Article

ePortfolios Reveal an Emerging Community of Underrepresented Minority Scholars
         Karen Singer-Freeman, Purchase College, SUNY
         Linda Bastone, Purchase College, SUNY
         Jospeh Skrivanek, Purchase College, SUNY
pp. 85-94
Field Report

What Difference Can ePortfolio Make? A Field Report from the Connect to Learning Project
         Bret Eynon, LaGuardia Community College
         Laura M. Gambino, Stella and Charles Guttman Community
         Judit Torok, LaGuardia Community College
pp. 95-114







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