International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 5 • Number 1 • 2015

Instructional Articles

Preparedness Portfolios and Portfolio Studios: Supporting Self-Authoring Engineers
         Brook Sattler, University of Washington
         Jennifer Turns, University of Washington
pp. 1-13

A Holocaust Exhibit ePortfolio: Actively Engaging Students
         Melissa Jordine, California State University, Fresno
pp. 15-24

Development and Sustainability of ePortfolios in Counselor Education: An Applied Retrospective
         Ann E. Luther, University of Nebraska at Omaha
         Paul Barnes, University of Nebraska at Omaha
pp. 25-37

Why ePortfolios? Student Perceptions of ePortfolio Use in Continuing Education Learning Environments
         Brad Wuetherick, Dalhousie University
         John Dickinson, University of Saskatchewan
pp. 39-53
Assessment Articles

General Education and ePortfolios: Syllabi and the Role of Faculty
         Jeffrey Appling, Clemson University
         Sarah Carson, GEL Labratories
         Andrew Dippre, Clemson University
         Ellen Gregory, Clemson University
         Megan Hembree, Clemson University
         Kaitlyn Kooi,
Clemson University
         Kyle Pazzo, Clemson University
         Avery Shawen
, South Carolina College of Pharmacy
pp. 55-62

Transformation Rubric for Engaged Learning: A Tool and Method for Measuring Life-Changing Experiences
         Emily Springfield, University of Michigan School of

         Anne Gwozdek, University of Michigan School of Dentistry
         Andrew P. Smiler, Evaluation and Education Services, LLC
pp. 63-74
Technology, Policy, and Management Articles

Developing a Pathway for an Institution Wide ePortfolio Program          Laurie Posey, The George Washington University
         Margaret M. Plack, The George Washington University
         Robert Snyder, The George Washington University
         Patricia Low Dinneen, The George Washington University
         Melissa Feuer, The George Washington University
         Andrew Wiss, The George Washington University

pp. 75-92

Reimagining Boundaries: How ePortfolios Enhance Learning for Adult Students
         Therese M. Madden, Notre Dame de Namur University
pp. 93-101
Book Review

A Review of ePortfolio Performance Support Systems: Constructing, Presenting, and Assessing Portfolios (WAC Clearinghouse, Parlor Press, 2013)
         Elizabeth Davis, University of Georgia

pp. 103-105





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