International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 6 • Number 2 • 2016


ePortfolios - The Eleventh High Impact Practice
         C. Edward Watson, University of Georgia
         George D. Kuh, NILOA
         Terrel Rhodes, AAC&U
         Tracy Penny Light, Thompson Rivers University
         Helen L. Chen, Stanford University
pp. 65-69
Instructional Articles

How Authors and Readers of ePortfolios Make Collaborative Meaning
         Ruth Benander, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
         Brenda Refaei, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
pp. 71-84

The Cart Before the Horse? Exploring the Potential of ePortfolios in a Western Australian Medical School
         Frank Bate, University of Notre Dame Australia
         Jean Macnish, University of Notre Dame Australia
         Chris Skinner, University of Notre Dame Australia
pp. 85-94
Assessment Article

An Empirical Framework for ePortfolio Assessment
         Diane Kelly-Riley, University of Idaho
         Norbert Elliot, New Jersey Institute of Technology
         Alex Rudniy, Fairleigh Dickinson University
pp. 95-116
Career Development Article

Guidance for ePortfolio Researchers: A Case Study with Implications for the ePortfolio Domain
         Emily Kennelly, Florida State University
         Debra Osborn, Florida State University
         Robert Reardon, Florida State University
         Becka Shetty, Florida State University
pp. 117-125
Technology, Policy, and Management Article

Challenges and Rewards of Implementing ePortfolios Through a Bottom-Up Approach
         Gail Luera, University of Michigan-Dearborn
         Stein Brunvand, University of Michigan-Dearborn
         Tiffany Marra, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
pp. 127-137
Learning About Reflection

Voicing the E in WOVE: Improving Reflection in ISUComm Foundation Courses ePortfolios
         Barbara J. Blakely, Iowa State University
pp. 139-146





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