International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 8 • Number 1 • 2018

Instructional Articles

"Reflecting on Reflections:" Curating ePortfolios for Integrative Learning and Identity Development in a General Education Senior Capstone
         Thomas Schrand, Thomas Jefferson University
         Katharine Jones, Thomas Jefferson University
         Valerie Hanson, Thomas Jefferson University
pp. 1-12

Reflecting on Reflecting: Summer Undergraduate Research Students' Experiences in Developing Electronic Portfolios, a Meta-High Impact Practice
         Karen Weber, University of Houston
         Keri Myrick, University of Houston
pp. 13-25
Assessment Article

The Theory-to-Practice ePortfolio: An Assignment to Facilitate Motivation and Higher Order Thinking
         Jessica Chittum, East Carolina University
pp. 27-42
Technology Article

Highly Structured ePortfolio Platform for Bachelor of Nursing Students: Lessons Learned in Implementation
         Emma Collins, Otago Polytechnic
         Ray O'Brien,
Otago Polytechnic
pp. 43-55
Employer Perceptions Article

Employer Perceptions of an Engineering Student's Electronic Portfolio
         Karen Weber, University of Houston
pp. 57-71
Design Thinking Article

Manhattanville College's Atlas Program: Designing a Road Map to Success in College and Beyond
         Alison S. Carson, Manhattanville College
         Gillian Greenhill Hannum,
Manhattanville College
         Christine Dehne,
Manhattanville College
pp. 73-86





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