International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 8 • Number 2 • 2018


Lift Every Voice: ePortfolios for Creating and Integrating
         Terrel L. Rhodes, Association of American Colleges and Universities

pp. 87-89
Instructional Articles

Assessing the Feasibility and Acceptability of ePortfolios in an Inclusive, Graduate-Level Interdisciplinary Training Program
         Rebecca Wells, University of Georgia
         Stephanie Baumann, Georgia State University
         Emily Graybill, Georgia State University
         Stephen Truscott, Georgia State University
         Mark Crenshaw, Georgia State University
         Daniel Crimmins, Georgia State University
pp. 91-101

Impact of a Portfolio Program on Self-Assessment Skills Involving General Longitudinal Outcomes
         Thomas Scartabello, West Virginia University
         Marie Abate, West Virginia University
         Louis Slimak, West Virginia University

pp. 103-114
Technology Articles

Digital Ethics and the Use of ePortfolio: A Scoping Review of the Literature
         Christine Brown Wilson, Queens University
         Christine Slade, University of Queensland
         Misty M. Kirby, Charles Sturt University
         Terri Downer, University of Sunshine Coast
         Marie B. Fisher, Australia Catholic University
         Shane Nuessler, University of Canberra
pp. 115-126

The Curricular and Technological Nexus: Findings From a Study of ePortfolio Implementation
         John P. Egan, University of Auckland FMHS LTU
         Pauline Cooper-Ioelu, University of Auckland FMHS LTU
         Fiona Spence, University of Auckland FMHS LTU
         M. Lynne Petersen, University of Auckland FMHS LTU
pp. 127-138





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